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Sharper Image Floors Pvt. Ltd started its operation in the field of Wooden products in 2001,it is a total flooring solution company, has brought the world finest flooring range for the Indian consumers over the last 14 years Includes Wooden Laminated Floorings, Exterior Deck Wood, IPE wood, HIgh pressure Laminate (HPL), Artificial Grass, Wallpapers,PVC Wall Panelling Hardwood Flooring, Imported Hardwood Flooring, and Parquet Flooring. All these products are brought to Indian from the best companies in the world.

Water Proof Flooring

Waterproof flooring is the perfect example of this kind of flooring and is the India's best laminated flooring till date because of the waterproof technology and the great looks of the real wood floors.This is one of the extensive ranges of flooring styles to suit all your need. Waterproof laminate flooring is a conglomeration of finest flooring and also with guaranteed waterproof feature.

Along with these features you are also getting some of the best features of bacteria resistance those can help you with the no allergies or any derma problems at all. Thus it is perfect for long last flooring which is also assuring some of the best conditions of living.There's no need to worry about spilling that drink or your washing machine breaking down and flooding the kitchen, water spilled by kids, incidentally poured glass on floor, wet legs etc, because flooring will stay totally unaffected. It doesn't swell unlike any other laminated flooring available in market, even in the moist humid or wet place. Such factors are essential to consider because replacing an entire section of flooring can be expensive and time-consuming, so it makes sense to be prepared.

Waterproof flooring is made out of composite material, the flooring is absolutely waterproof so that you can use the flooring in Rooms, Hotels, Balcony, Bedrooms, halls, offices, even in wet areas as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, verandas, etc.